Monday, 13 June 2016

Mochi is now 36 weeks old (8+ months), 10.2 lbs.

Monday, June, 13, 2016.

Sorry for the delay in updating.  I did add a new video of Mochi eating bacon for the 1st time here.

We purchased a new front clip harness from Walk Your Dog With Love ( has it) and we've been using it for a week.  I think this one is better than the Sporn no-pull harness that we've been since she was 25 weeks old.  The old harness didn't stop Mochi's pulling and the cloth material just didn't last.  The new harness is better at stopping her pulling.  Mochi has picked up a habit of stopping since using this harness.  Maybe it's the front-clip that she's not used to.  So we are training her to continue walking on leash. 

It's almost time to begin transitioning Mochi to adult kibble.  Small breed dogs should transition at around 9 months from puppy to adult food.  We will try Origen Regional Red kibble soon.


  1. Our family also lives in the lower mainland and we are hoping to get a Havanese puppy. Can you tell me what breeder you went to?

  2. Hi Jackie, check Mylad
    Also, I've outlined our Havanese Journey, so if you look at the older posts, you will see our breeder. Check the links on the right for other breeders. Thanks for visiting.