Monday, 28 March 2016

Mochi is now 25 weeks old and 8.0 lbs. (nearing 6 months)

Monday, March 28, 2016

We just read a dog food review here, and basically, anything with corn, soy, wheat, grain and flour would not be considered a good food.  Fromm is in the top 10, but the blend we were feeding contained pea flour.  Also, the new food we switched to, Now Fresh, also contains flour.  Oh well, overall it's okay since it's a puppy blend with no chicken.  We'll try it for now and being for puppies, we would need to switch to an adult food after the 1st year.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mochi vomited bile once last week, so we decided to put her back on Famotidine / Pepcid for another week (but only one dose at night).  We also switched her kibble to Petcurean Now Fresh for puppies, and cut back on her treats to rule out any food intolerance or allergies.  She's been on her new kibble for a week, so we will be stopping the Pepcid to see if there's any improvement.  Now Fresh is free of grain, gluten, wheat, soy and chicken. 

Mochi bought a new No-pull harness from Sporn.  I thought I'd mention it since it was inexpensive and fits Mochi.  It's been very hard finding a no-pull harness that fits a small puppy.  Does it solve Mochi's leash pulling?  Not yet, unfortunately :(  But it helps and we continue to train.

Notice Mochi getting lighter? 

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver

Monday, 14 March 2016

Mochi is now 23 weeks old and 7.6 lbs. Mochi's baby teeth are falling out!

We are relieved that Mochi has not vomited since stopping her medication (since last week).  I think she is okay now.  We are continuing to feed her a small meal before bed and make sure we don't sleep in late.  We didn't change her food, just limiting the variety for now.  She gets a bit of Stella & Chewy mixed in with her Fromm kibble.  We also add a bit of FortiFlora powder (Canine Probiotic Nutritional Supplement) as recommended by the vet.

Mochi got her bath today and her fur is so soft now.  We also tried to do a topknot, but it only stayed on for about 2 hours. :(

Mochi's 1st attempt at a topknot. Her hair needs to get longer.

We found some of Mochi's baby teeth.  We want them to all come out before 6 months so we can proceed with her spay. 

Can you guess which one is a grain of rice?

We found more teeth.